Game Coin, a digital currency founded by Baton Rouge entrepreneurs, has officially completed its security audit, the company announced today. 

Game Coin is the first Louisiana-based cryptocurrency to achieve this milestone, which clears the way to begin the process of joining major crypto exchanges, the company says. 

At 1 p.m. Thursday, the coin’s ticker will switch from GME to GMEX. Transaction fees will decrease from 10% to 7%, with 5% going to charity and 2% returned to holders, the company says. 

Coin holders can visit the company’s website for more information about the transition. 

Crypto auditor CertiK conducted the audit, Game Coin says. The digital currency has been available since June at the company’s website.

The currency’s market cap—the amount of money it would take to buy all the remaining coins—is around $2.5 billion, the company says. 

Since the cryptocurrency was made available in July 2021, Game Coin has raised more than $2 million for charity, the company says. The most recent contribution was a $1 million donation by Game Coin’s board of directors at the Oct. 29 Baton Rouge Best Dressed Ball benefiting the American Cancer Society, according to today’s announcement.