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How it Works?

Begin your trading journey by setting up your digital wallet in three easy steps. Safe, Secure & Easy.

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Choose Your Wallet

We’ve done the hard work for you. Read up on these top three wallet options and their features. Choose the option that best suits your trading goals & Deposit on-the-go!

Exchange Cryptocurrency

Learn how to make secure common purchases and exchanges  with cryptocurrency, and protect your digital assets.

Many Types of CryptoCurrency

Learn of Different Cryptocurrencies

Generally, all cryptocurrencies are not the same. They can be classified as two sorts of digital currencies; Altcoins or Tokens. Alternative Coins (Altcoins) generally refers to any coin that’s not Bitcoin. While unlike Altcoins, Tokens are created and then given out as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) similar to stock offerings.

Live Price Calculation

Check Current Cryptocurrency Prices

Use a cryptocurrency converter to see current prices of various cryptocurrency and altcoins. This will show how much any particular cryptocurrency is actually worth in real time.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Converter?

A cryptocurrency converter, also known as a calculator, is an easy to use tool that allows one to convert the ratio of a particular fiat dollar currency to a particular cryptocurrency; or convert the ratio of one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency.

Use the converter to the right, All you have to do is enter the current exchange rate in the right field and the Cryptocurrency converter will provide the equivalent in USD, EUR or any other traditional value.


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