Now, enjoying a fast meal can set you up for fast gain- and I’m not talking the weight on your belly. Burger King and investment app Robinhood are now giving away Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin to members of its Royal Perks loyalty program when consumers spend $5 on the restaurant’s app.

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In 2017, Burger King dabbled it’s toes in the cryptocurrency world with a coin titled the “Whoppercoin” in Russia. The coin, although not technically around today, still is tradable – albeit a crypto that has been largely forgotten by most.

Fast forward to 2021, and the king is back at it – this time with increased competition, including this year’s meme coin success with Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. To receive coins, consumers must open a Robinhood account and can claim one prize per day. Existing Robinhood users can take advantage of the promotion as well.

A statement released by the company, as noted by Fortune, stated that:

“As a brand, we are always looking for ways to reward our most loyal guests with exclusive offers that are exciting, unique, and culturally relevant.” The company added that “cryptocurrency has been a hot topic of conversation recently, but we know it can be difficult to understand. That’s why we wanted to bring crypto to our guests in a way that was accessible and digestible (literally and figuratively)—through our food.

Bitcoin is back to about the 62k mark and showing a strong quarter. | BTC-USD on

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The promotion begins today and runs through November 21, and while users are limited to one prize per day, they can gather up to 21 through the course of the promotion. Prizes must be claimed by December 17, and this news comes at perfect timing as Bitcoin already has seen major jumps this past month. For tokens like Dogecoin, who’s rival Shibu Inu had a killer 2 months in gains, this sort of promotion could serve as a boost for both coins.

Ethereum, on a quieter trek with less noise than most meme tokens, has certainly had an amazing and not so slow year – with 2021 being the year of Ethereum’s highest gains yet. Burger King did deny any claims of them accepting crypto as payment as a move from this promotion, but with this new partnership with Robinhood (and given Robinhood’s focus on crypto, one of their biggest revenue drivers from per transaction fees), ideally we’ll see more open minds with the folks at Burger King – perhaps in a way they might start to accept crypto for a whopper.

Until then, log into your apps and claim your tokens with every $5 spent.

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