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You can’t stop things like bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust.– JOHN MCAFEE
Bitcoin is the most stellar and most useful system of mutual trust ever devised. – ARIF NASEEM

Peer to Peer Transcations

Satoshi Nakomota, or whomever created bitcoin, created bitcoin with a peer to peer electronic cashing system as the primary objective. A peer-to-peer transaction involves the two trading parties having data related to each other at all times, rather than interacting with several different peers, as it is with torrents.

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How Does Bitcoin Operate?

Bitcoin has no central point of control, and is sustained by individuals in the widespread cryptocurrency community. It’s operated by those trading bitcoin, and by those mining it. Simply put, Bitcoin operates for the people by the people. Instead of banks, Bitcoin users visit exchanges like Bitcoin Europe to buy or sell their coins. When coins are not being used, people keep bitcoins in virtual digital wallets for safety.

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Innovative Technologies

Learn about new protocols that may change cryptocurrency as we know it. These up and coming new technologies have the potential and capability of placing their print within the cryptocurrency industry.

The Lighting Network | dApps | Atomic Swaps 

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Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin would be useless without blockchain technology. Blockchain technology  essentially removes the need for the middle man like your bank or payment application. Its technology basically records all transactions, and creates a chain of transactions called the blocks, that prevents transactions from being removed, modified or tampered with. Blockchain is a secure and anonymous way to move money anywhere in the world.

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